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By Bus

Lytham square runs frequent bus routes across the Fylde coast. The stops can be found right down Clifton street, with the major stops at Clifton Square. Below we have listed the most useful routes that come through Lytham to make the most of your time here.
7– Lytham to Blackpool Central
11– Lytham to Blackpool Central
68– Preston to Blackpool
76– Lytham to Blackpool (via Poulton and Victoria Hospital)
78– Wesham to St Annes (via Kirkham)

Tickets can be purchased from the driver, or the Blackpool Transport app (only valid on Blackpool Transport, but great for all day or week long tickets).

By Train

Just a couple of minutes away from Lytham Square, Northern Rail runs hourly services from Blackpool South to Preston. This can be the quickest way to and from the city.

You will need to purchase tickets before you board the train, either from the ticket machine or online at the trainline.

By Taxi

Whiteside taxis are the best for the Fylde coast, you can call them on 0800 711611. Alternatively, Premiere taxis are available on 01253 401000.
We recommend pre-booking taxis in advance during events such as Club Day, Lytham Festival, or 1940’s Weekend. 

By Tram

Running every 10-15 minutes the trams run from Starr Gate, via Cleveleys, to Fleetwood. We highly recommend them as a scenic route through Blackpool up to the Fleetwood shopping district.

Tickets can be purchased on the train from the conductor, or from the Blackpool Transport app.